International ensemble made up of over 150 musicians from all over the world , musicians associated to enhance and promote the Franciacorta territory .

The year 2012 was very important for the territory of Franciacorta , the Province of Brescia and Italy in general, in fact September 2012 is the month of the birth of a major international project: the Philharmonic Orchestra of Franciacorta. Basically, the main idea was to create an innovative Orchestra made by both young musicians and skilled professors. In this framework, the practice of ensemble music stands as a main methodological tool .


The Philharmonic Orchestra of Franciacorta , inspired by other international major orchestras, proposes for the first time in Italy, to conservatories or everyone wishes to participate in the initiative, the “Praktikum” , which is a period of training "On Stage" for musicians who are not yet qualified but had already concluded the first cicle of studies at the conservatory. The conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Franciacorta, in collaboration with the director of the Conservatory, announce an audition in order to choose the best young musicians of the school. After, the conductor of the POF will select as well who will be able to participate to the rehearsals of the orchestra , and then to play together with the professors of the Philharmonic Orchestra according to the decision of the conductor.